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Holistic Fitness & Life Coaching with LaShawn Hillman

Fitness and wellness coaching empowers clients to develop a fit lifestyle. The goal is to motivate clients towards a healthy lifestyle and increase self-confidence to maintain that lifestyle. 
"If you believe you can achieve, then say it like this..I know I can"- Nas

This quote has become a part of LaShawn's mantra! LaShawn genuinely believes we have the inner potential and strength to accomplish anything we set our minds to; it starts with a vision, belief, and manifest into an outcome. LaShawn is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and Manager at a Fitness Gym in Smyrna, Delaware. Fitness has always been a part of her make-up; she participated in various sports and maintained an active lifestyle as a part of her core.

As a trainer, it is LaShawn's mission to share her enthusiasm and to motivate and encourage individuals towards a more positive, healthy, and active lifestyle. She enjoys raising awareness on the importance of spiritual and physical fitness. There are absolutely no limits, but the ones we place on ourselves.

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