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Holistic Healing with Sharen Green

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person; mind, body, spirit, and emotions: In the search for ideal health and wellness. 

Sharen Green

“When you are comfortable on your path, it doesn’t matter where it leads.”

Sharen has a unique motley of skillsets from her military, IT, and life experiences. She is a Mentor,
Spiritual Advisor, and a Holistic Healer.


After experiencing many challenges in her life, she has learned the power of persistence, forgiveness and love. Sharen has dedicated her life to mentoring and teaching people how to recognize and take advantage of their limitless power and potential. She loves the quote “If there is a will, there is a way”, and teaches through prayer, positivity, and belief; anything is possible. Her message is one of unity and love, encouraging people to live a balanced life of ease, goodness, joy, and freedom.

“The sessions I have with my clients are more than the various modalities I use, in itself. My clients are
fully supported in their journey, we spend time within the session for spiritual guidance and gently uncovering the things holding us back from living a more fulfilling life. I share valuable tools to move through this part of your healing with more ease, grace, and love for yourself.


After your session, I am always available for questions you may have. I am more than just a Holistic Healer; I am a spiritual support system. I consider myself as a Master in what I do. A Master is someone who actualizes their ability to be the light in the dark. I have embraced this knowing and have lived my life accordingly.


"I am honored to do this work, and more blessed for the willingness of those who choose to work with

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