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Corporate Wellness

Positive Vibes Holistic Group assists healthcare professionals by providing staff training.


Compassion fatigue is a special kind of burnout that happens to caregivers. It’s the result of ongoing care of patients who are experiencing illness or extreme stress. Because you are empathetic, you may internalize some of their suffering and emotions. Over time, you can begin to feel overwhelmed by the needs of your patients.


  • Decreased quality of patient care

  • Increased absenteeism

  • Inability to care for or nurture at work or at home

  • Lack of enjoyment of things that used to be pleasant

"Self compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others."-Christopher Germer


Being a healthcare professional is a rewarding occupation, but can be stressful as well.  We offer staff training to assist with managing the stress that comes along with taking care of others.

Contact us today and schedule a training for your staff.  Trust us they will appreciate you for caring enough and considering their needs.

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